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AGM – SATURDAY, 11th JULY, 2015


AGM – SATURDAY, 11th JULY, 2015

Meeting opened – 3.30 pm

Matt Vout had some words to say before getting down to actual AGM business. The transcript is below:

Welcome everyone thank you for attending the heads hotel fishing club AGM , first I would like to thank all the committee for their help throughout the year and for there imput and I hope they enjoyed themselves and can continue to run the fishing club in a professional way . To Colin Waller and his staff for their help and congratulation to Coll on the renos of the Hotel looks fantastic and we should be pleased he kept the fishing theme on going throughout the hotel . To David Bolt I must say thanks for all your help through the years and I wish you and Cloe the best for the future . ( I think I have said that speech before he has left so many times ) . Again we had a great charity day raising $17,565 for our charities , the saltwater classic was a great success with the nominations for this year going really well , it was a sad year for interclub comps which we lost all comps , if we are to keep having these comps against other clubs the members must be willing to travel to enjoy the other clubs hospitality and friendship which the all comment on when they come to the heads so they like to return the favour . 

As you proberbly heard by now this year I will be standing down from all committee responsibilities as I have been in this position since 2009 and before that vice pres for two years , I have made great friends and enjoyed the job very much . The fishing club and its members have made me a better person for it . , We have a new web page that Sharon and Michelle have been busy getting ready for the new season and it looks great , Please show your support by commenting back to Sharon and replying to her emails semt to the members . Membership has grown to over 140 single and family members . and will continue to grow under the new committee . Weigh ins were attended well with more juniors fishing and weighing in than ever before . 

Ok in closing I would like to thank these people for standing by me through my job as president 

 Mostly Kimmy for putting up with me for six long years of fun times sad times and frustrating times I could not have  a better partner in my life you’re my soul mate thank you ,

Jonh Burlo met him six years ago he already new a lot about running fishing clubs and asked him to be vic pres and he has been with me all the way cheers brother 

Tracie dicko for being behind the scene as secretary thank you 

Franko Skipper Franklin for all his support through the years 

Greg Gay for all his support and hope all turns out for the best mate 

 And to all the committee members that have come along for the ride over the past six years . A big thanx to Michelle she is just amazing and an asset to the club thank you . My standing down doesn’t mean I wont be involved in the club through the years I will still be here organising the salt water classic and charity day if the new committee would allow me . 

 I now make my position vacant and pass the meeting on to vic pres report 

 Thanx very much all my friends and I will enjoy more fishing and golfing in the future 

Matt Vout



Matt Vout the President opened the meeting explaining the setup for the presentation, the buffet dinner with Ricky Lynch entertaining.

Matt then ran through the minutes from the 2014 AGM advising that he has been the President for the past six years, prior to that he was Vice President for two years.

It was decided that the Saltwater Classic was too close to Charity Day therefore, the Saltwater Classic was brought forward to mid September this year.

In the 2014 AGM minutes it was discussed about donating funds to just one nominated charity but it was decided that we keep it to the four local charities ie. Local Surf Club, Fire Brigade, APEX and Marine Rescue. Through the year some local tradies assisted with some maintenance works where the housing for families with Cancer has been provided. Matt advised that Ray Vincent of APEX had purchased a bigger six seater plane which would also assist families further. The practice of tradies assisting with the maintenance one day this year is something Matt would like to see continued.

Matt went on to mention the Relay for Life participants from last year along with the three inter club competitions with Ingleburn, Macarthur and Greenwell Point Fishing Clubs. The Saltwater Classic had 128 entrants last year so we would like to see that increase this year.

Through the year Tracey resigned as Secretary and Michelle and Sharon took on her duties. Balance on the Treasurers Report as at 30th June 2014 was $21,129.55.

Sharon Sheddon was our Publicity Officer and she was instrumental in setting up our new website with Michelle. She has done a fantastic job and has sent emails with the new details to all of our members. Merchandise can also be viewed on the website except for the grey Shimano hoodie which we have just ordered – price $40?

Peter Risco has been our weighmaster for the past 8 years and has done a fantastic job for our club.

Eric and Sharon have done a great job with the barbeque, even with Eric experiencing health problems, he still turned up and assisted.

Matt went on to thank the additional committee members, Leslie, Dan, Greg and John.

Memberships were revised to $20.00 per single and $40.00 per family last year.

Matt then presented his President’s Report welcoming everyone that has attended the AGM. He then went on to thank the existing committee for their input to the fishing club throughout the year. He thanked Col for his assistance and donations throughout the year and David Bolt for all of the help that he has provided. He wished David and Chloe all the best for their future endeavours in Brisbane.

Then Matt mentioned another successful Charity Day this year with funds of $17,500 raised for our local charities.

It was a sad year for interclub competitions with the Heads Hotel finishing 2nd (last) each competition. We need to be prepared to travel to other clubs to fish in these competitions.

Matt said that he would be standing down as President this year.

During this year we have received over 140 memberships including both single and families and we have had more juniors fishing this year.

Matt then thanked Kim for her continuing support over the past six years and for generally putting up with him. He thanked John Burling who he met in the front bar six years ago and they have basically been there ever since. He thanked Tracey for managing the web page and Greg and Franko for their support during the year. He went on to thank Troy and Michelle for their ongoing input and availability during the year.

Matt said that he would be available to assist with the Saltwater Classic this year and Charity Day next year if required.

He then advised that a Life Member would be recognized at the presentation tonight and then he stepped down.

Troy then presented his Vice President’s report where he thanked the existing committee members and thanked Matt for his six years as President.

Michelle then presented the Treasurers Report which has been attached. Also, thanked the committee especially Sharon for her assistance especially with the new website.

John Nellestein, the acting Chairman, then declared all positions on the committee to be vacant.

Votes and positions were filled as follows:-


Sharon Shedden – nominated by Lesley Gibson, seconded by Bob Weidon,

accepted by Sharon


Troy Thomson – nominated by Michelle Nellestein, seconded by Sharon Shedden

accepted by Troy


Leslie Gibson – nominated by Sharon Shedden, seconded by Andy O’Keefe,

accepted by Lesley


Michelle Nellestein – nominated by Peter Risco, seconded by Troy Thomson,

accepted by Michelle


Sharon Shedden nominated herself, seconded by Danny Corr


Peter Risco nominated by Michelle Nellestein, seconded by Greg Gay

accepted by Peter


Eric Colebrook – nominated by Bob Weidon, seconded by Shane Thomson,

accepted by Eric


Danny Corr – Nominated by Michelle Nellestein, seconded by Lesley Gibson,

accepted by Danny

Tim Mangold – Nominated by John Nellestein, seconded by Peter Risco

accepted by Tim

Colleen O’Keefe – Nominated by Andy O’Keefe, seconded by John Nellestein

accepted by Colleen

Greg Gay – Nominated by Kevin King, seconded by Andy O’Keefe,

accepted by Greg

Grant McLaurin – Nominated by Eric Colebrook, seconded by Sharon Shedden

accepted by Grant

All positions have now been filled.

John then went on to thank Matt for his six years in presidency. On behalf of the club he was very appreciative of what Matt had done over the past six years having put his heart and soul into the club.

Matt then congratulated Sharon on achieving the Presidency and said that he would be available to assist wherever needed.

Sharon thanked everyone for their confidence in her. She stated that she is happy for anyone to present new ideas. She wants to promote getting more junior members fishing in our club.

General Business

Matt Shirlaw suggested that interclub competitions coincide with our weigh in days. That may be possible depending on when the other clubs have their weigh ins. The weigh in calendar needs to be discussed by the committee and put together at a later date.

Peter Risco suggested going back to an old practice of filling a weigh in sheet on Friday and putting $2.00 in the glass. Children would receive a free drink and packet of chips at the Sunday weigh ins. Looking to promote bringing back families to the Sunday weigh-ins. His suggestion would be taken under advisement to be discussed at the new committee meeting.

Gavin Kershaw suggested a weigh in just for kids, possibly on a weigh in day.

The club wants to promote fishing to the existing junior members and gain further junior members.

Danny Corr said that it would be a good promotion to give all kids that enter a prize.

Sharon advised that the Notice Board is kept up to date and everything is available there as well as on the website.

Fish of the Month was discussed for both adults and juniors. Vouchers to be provided to children as prizes as they then get to choose what they want to get from Gavin McCallums shop.

It was also suggested that beer tickets be brought back for bottom line fish on the board to give people fishing some incentive. The board also needs to be kept up to date. Peter responded that the blue book in the fishing club room needs to be completed and that is where the information is obtained from to update the board.

It was then brought up about how to measure a marlin and then release. Andy O’ Keefe advised that tag and release instructions are available on the NSW Fishing Website.

A review of the current Rules and Regulations will be carried out by the new committee. It will be continued that no sharks can be weighed in on the club weigh in days, only for 2nd line on the board.

Meeting Closed at 4.30 pm


AGM – SATURDAY, 12th JULY, 2014

Meeting opened – 3.00 pm

Matt Vout the President opened the meeting with a review of the minutes of the 2013 AGM.

Matt thanked all of the committee members including those who had only joined in the last year for their help and assistance throughout the year. Matt also thanked those who are non-committee members for their assistance throughout the year.

He also thanked Colin Waller and the staff at the Heads Hotel for their continued support, Colin’s contributions for the weekly member’s draw along with donations to Relay for Life.

Matt then talked about Charity Day – how it was the most successful ever raising over $20,000 for the local charities including the Surf Club Marine Rescue pre-school APEX and Fire Brigade. It was suggested that the monies raised be given to a large foundation however, that had been done in previous years with Careflight and the local community did not reap any of the benefits. They wouldn’t even attend the hotel to have the cheque presented to them. Also local businesses and the community are more likely to donate money and auction items when they can see it going to a local cause. James Highland also shaved his beard raising a total of $883.70.

We had about 14-15 people attend the Cancer Relay for Life this year held at the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre. Usually a 24 hour event held at the showground however, due to the weather was reduced to 8 hours. We raised a total of $1300.

We were involved in several fishing competitions this year with Ingleburn, Macarthur and Sussex Inlet at which we were runner up each time. We also held the Tooheys XXXX Classic in October with 128 entries. We raised just under $5,000 which was donated to Marine Rescue.

Unfortunately, this year Tooheys will not be sponsoring the event, therefore, there will not be any XXXX girls. We will be relying on sponsorship from the pub, local caravan parks and the fishing club.

Several fishing trips have been held during the year including a trip to Narooma where we stayed at Black Bream Point. Members pay their own way and the fishing club provides dinner for the Saturday night. It is a great bonding opportunity for fishing club members as well as being a fun couple of days.

Another great trip was Sussex Inlet even though it rained and literally washed everyone out.

Fishing Trips away are open to ALL fishing club members. In February a trip is being organized to Bermagui – there are two caravan parks at Beauty Point and it would be great to be able to book multiple cabins/sites. Six members of the fishing club will be heading to Cairns then Cooktown for 4 days fishing for Marlin later this year in November. There is also a trip to Lord Howe Island being organized for next year.

Matt thanked Kim for all of her support and understanding during the year.

Matt then asked that everyone update their email addresses etc. when they pay their membership fees and thanked everyone for their attendance at the AGM.

Matt then talked about the Presentation Dinner to be held later that night with a seafood buffet and entertainment provided by Lo Roberts.

Tracey put together photo’s and a movie to be viewed later tonight with photo’s that have been provided throughout the year by members. Matt thanked those members who contributed with photo’s.

Matt thanked Gavin from Tackleworld for his ongoing support throughout the year – providing vouchers and fishing equipment at discounted prices.

Matt then thanked the committee for their ongoing contribution throughout the year.

A Secretary’s report was provided by Matt on Tracey Dickenson’s behalf. She has continued to update the website and provide her services throughout the year and would like to continue. The website hit over 9,500 views after the counter had been re-set. She is open to any suggestions for the website or improvements. Tracey explained that the past twelve months had been difficult and she apologized for not having the website updated promptly. Her services remain at $40.00 per month.

We had five articles that appeared in the South Coast Register as opposed to ten last year.

Club memberships were up with a total of 122   –   172 adults and 60 juniors

Previous year’s memberships as follows:-

2009/2010    –      89

2010/2011    –    100

2011/2012    –    110

2012/2013    –    122

The Vice President Troy Thomson then provided a report in which he thanked Matt for all of the time and effort he puts into running the Club.

Michelle Nellestein (Treasurer) then presented the Treasurers Report. She thanked Matt for all of his help and assistance throughout the year, not only with his tireless input to the fishing club but with the local community including Charity Day and other fund raising efforts.

The funds raised during the year are mentioned below:-

Opening Balance as at 1st July 2013                 $17,351.35

Registrations    $2,750.00

Raffles – Sat. Night    $22,719.00

Weigh-in Canteen    $2,021.10

Weigh-in Auction/Raffles    $5,561.20

Shirts/Merchandise    $2,657.00

Charity Day Funds    $20,609.10

Charity Day – Funds to cover boat & tickets    $10,541.00

Bpay payment testing    $0.25

XXXX Tooheys Classic Registration & Fees    $4,938.18

Fishing Trips    $4,132.00

Donations    $1,151.00

SUB TOTAL    $77,079.83    $94,431.18


Cheques Issued    $39,322.34

Boat for Charity Day    $9,980.00

Fishing Trips    $4,692.00

Charity Day    $20,609.10

Careflight (XXXX Tooheys Classic)    $4,938.12

Kidz Wish Foundation    $265.00

Cancer Relay for Life    $260.00

Cancer Bike Ride – Lyn Davis    $100.00


CASH BALANCE AVAILABLE        $14,264.62

Funds held in term deposit        $6,864.93

TOTAL FUNDS HELD AS AT 30/6/14    $21,129.55

John Nellestein then proceeded to thank Matt and the committee members for everything that they have done for the club during the year. He mentioned the great turn out from members providing support with the setting up and assistance on Charity Day and said that he was proud to be a member.

He then announced that all positions had been vacated by the committee.

Votes and positions were filled as follows:-



Matt Vout – nominated by, seconded by Terry Hinkley, accepted by Matt

Sharon Colebrook – nominated herself, seconded by Lesley Gibson

Vote by Members – Matt 26, Sharon 11


Troy Thomson – nominated by Michelle Nellestein, seconded by Terry Hinkley, accepted by Troy

Sharon Colebrook – nominated herself, seconded by Lesley Gibson

Vote by Members – Troy 21, Sharon 18


Tracey Dickenson – nominated by Matt Vout, seconded by Kevin Franklin, accepted by Matt on Tracey’s behalf


Michelle Nellestein – nominated by Peter Dow, seconded by Terry Hinkley, accepted by Michelle


Sharon Colebrook nominated herself, seconded by Danny Corr


Peter Risco – nominated himself, seconded by Kevin Franklin

Chris Ceronich nominated himself and was elected as the Weighmaster’s assistant


Eric Colebrook – nominated by Lesley Gibson, seconded by John Nellestein, accepted by Eric


Danny Corr – Nominated by Terry Hinkley, seconded by Troy Thomson, accepted by Danny

Lesley Gibson – Nominated herself, seconded by Peter Risco

John Burling – Nominated by Matt Vout, seconded by Troy Thomson, accepted by John

Greg Gay – Nominated by Matt Vout, seconded by Kevin King, accepted by Greg


Matt (New President) thanked the voters and welcomed the new committee. In his sixth year of presidency he made a lot of friendships and contacts and is grateful for the town in which we live.

General Business

Membership fees have been adjusted due to a form being typed with the amounts as $20 per single and $40 per family. It was voted and agreed that it would stay at $40 per family.

Gavin Kershaw put forward a motion to extend the weigh-in times at the monthly weigh-ins from 1 pm to 2 pm to allow the deep sea fisher people more time to fish. Matt explained that it is currently set at 1 pm to allow those members who don’t live in the area to leave earlier. It would also mean people waiting around for finalization of winners etc. people arriving later and not utilising the barbeque or entertainment provided.

Following several discussions with options being put forward to 2 pm and also leaving the time at 1 pm with a phone notification of someone weighing past the cut off time – a vote by the members was taken and it was agreed that it would be kept at 1 pm with a leniency (within reason) for anyone who weighed in late.

The registration book will be placed back on the bar on a Friday night for members to register fishing for that weekend commencing with the weigh-in in August.

Stickers have been provided by NSW Fisheries with radio details etc. and are available for members.

John Greenaway suggested speakers be erected for Charity Day around the hotel as last year found some areas hard to hear with items being auctioned. Matt suggested that the speaker system be upgraded in the hotel and the fishing club, golf club and hotel each contribute.

Sharon Colebrook spoke and explained her background in accounts and payroll and suggested a forum for members be held. She also asked that a list of current committee members and life members be provided somewhere on the fishing club notice board or around the hotel. Also, these details should be available on the website. Sharon nominated herself to take on this role. She also suggested rather than approaching our Charity Day sponsors once a year to ask for a donation that we converse with them throughout the year and keep them updated with upcoming event etc. Sharon is happy for her details to be provided to members as our Publicity Officer.

Matt advised that all fishing club members are entitled to attend meetings and provide input. They are asked that if they approach any committee members to discuss issues outside these meetings that they do so in a professional manner.

Life Members were listed consisting of Terry Hinkley, Geoff Laing, John Kegg, Judy Kegg and Bev Calvert.

Matt went on to explain that donations made for Charity Day are exactly that – donations – and the person/company making the donation shouldn’t expect something in return.

For next year’s Charity Day Matt has been sourcing a boat from Abbeys and there is a possibility that we may have a new car donated. There has also been discussions held with the Variety Bash Car club about being available on the day and providing donations along with National Wildlife about doing a show on the day. Council DA’s to be submitted to council etc. which Bolt, Michelle and I will get underway.

A meeting for Charity Day will be held on Wednesday, 30th July at 6.30 pm.

If you have any information on when the fishing club was established it would be greatly appreciated. We have been advised by Brian Hanlon that Ian Lloyd and Billy Byrnes Senior were instrumental in establishing the fishing club. Elbows provided a date of 1986 which Sharon advised. However, at some stage the club folded for a couple of years due to misappropriation of funds.

Matt advised that there has been a recall of the EMP 400 EMP 401 and EMP 403 with a manufacture date from January 2005 to February 2008. A notice that was provided has been placed on the fishing club notice board with further details.

Meeting Closed at 4.40 pm

Heads Hotel Fishing Club